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50 website positioning Techniques which can be sure to gain Google’s love

1. Obey W3C standards
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) gives standards representing ‘best practices’ for net design. These rules are in place to promote quality, consistency and accessibility for net content. Googlebot takes these standards very seriously. We touch on them throughout this blog, but you can familiarize your self completely at 2. Take into account different browsers
The browser market is without doubt one of the most hotly contested on the earth of software. Whereas Microsoft’s Web Explorer once dominated, nowadays Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari are taking big chunks out of its market share. Stick to W3C standards and your web site should display properly in all browsers, but it surely’s still value checking out how your net pages look in each browser. If your page isn’t pleasant to every browser, Google will penalize your website.

3. Don’t overlook smartphones
A lot modern looking is carried out via smartphones and …