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Lastly! Manual Penalties Available in Google Webmaster Tools

A number of months in the past, Google promised us that they might begin offering additional info for web sites that were hit by handbook penalties for webspam. There are numerous sorts of handbook penalties that they employ, almost all associated to quality issues a’la Panda and Penguin.
Webmasters, SEOs, and Net Marketers alike have been ready patiently (and a few not-so-patiently) for when Google finally came via on that promise. Nicely, they no longer should wait.
Manual Penalties for Webspam Added to Google Webmaster Tools On August eight, 2013, Matt Cutts himself announced via the Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) weblog that handbook webspam actions are actually documented in GWT. This function is one thing we’ve all been ready for, so let’s look at what they are offering within it.

Web site-extensive vs. Partial Matches
We have had a serious blind spot over the previous two years in delineating between algorithmic hits and handbook webspam penalties. In addition to offering confirm…