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Lastly! Manual Penalties Available in Google Webmaster Tools

A number of months in the past, Google promised us that they might begin offering additional info for web sites that were hit by handbook penalties for webspam. There are numerous sorts of handbook penalties that they employ, almost all associated to quality issues a’la Panda and Penguin.

Webmasters, SEOs, and Net Marketers alike have been ready patiently (and a few not-so-patiently) for when Google finally came via on that promise. Nicely, they no longer should wait.

Manual Penalties for Webspam Added to Google Webmaster Tools


On August eight, 2013, Matt Cutts himself announced via the Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) weblog that handbook webspam actions are actually documented in GWT. This function is one thing we’ve all been ready for, so let’s look at what they are offering within it.

Web site-extensive vs. Partial Matches

We have had a serious blind spot over the previous two years in delineating between algorithmic hits and handbook webspam penalties. In addition to offering confirmation on when a penalty is handbook, Google is sharing whether or not it's a website-extensive challenge or solely on part of the website.

This can be a very useful piece of information. A number of purchasers of ours have skilled a lack of traffic for under sure keywords or pages on their websites since Penguin 2.0 hit. Initially, we needed to do a lot of speculating, but it surely was nonetheless guesswork.

Now, Google is offering info for not solely whether or not it is impacting your complete area or not, but also some steering as to which elements of the site are being impacted. See the below instance from the unique announcement on the GWT weblog:

 Manual Penalties for Hyperlink Manipulation

We already know that shady hyperlink constructing practices have been underneath siege ever since Penguin 1.0 launched in April 2012. Whereas the goals of the whole Penguin initiative are good, remediating its affect has proven to be hit and miss for a lot of websites.

Now, we finally have information about not solely what was hit, but also how. We know if the linking issues affect an entire area or not. We know if a bit of the site is impacted or not. And now, we know if solely the hyperlink profile has been affected. See the function picture above for an instance of how this appears to be like in GWT.

This can be a large deal. If the area or specific pages on the area should not overtly penalized, that’s a a lot easier drawback to fix. Basically, if some subset of the links is the only thing that has been affected, it simply means that not all your links are driving hyperlink juice. As your general hyperlink profile grows, assuming it is grown within Google’s pointers, the hyperlink fairness will start to increase again over time. It reduces the urgency to beg websites to remove links (which regularly leads to no reply or a payment for the time and effort) or turn to the Disavow tool.

Positive, you possibly can nonetheless go through the motions of eradicating these links, but Google is principally suggesting that it’s already finished for you. This is more useful than is clear on first glance.

You too can find a couple of pattern links right here, when Google chooses to share that information. Just as the above screenshot shows which on-website URL is affected, you would see off-website links which are questionable in the correct column.

What Components of Your Web site Are Low Quality

Turning to Panda and its on-website quality goals, we now have higher perception into whether or not solely sure elements of your website have been hit for low quality. For partial website handbook penalties, GWT now shows you where the problem is.

Person generated content and spammy feedback/discussion board posts are an enormous challenge for some websites. These were logical first locations to look prior to now while you were suspicious of a Panda penalty. Now we know for sure if that’s the case or not.


We finally have more perception into handbook penalties from Google via GWT. Irrespective of whether or not you’ve been sent a notice of penalty by Google or not, it pays to keep an eye on the “Manual Penalties” page within your own account. None of us wish to be hit with a penalty, but when it does happen, the sooner we will handle it, the better. They even selected to include a “Request Assessment” button, making the method a lot easier than it has been within the past.


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